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Moriarty Colour Wheel - a definitive guide

Primary Colours

Recommended pigments for better colour are available in Merv Moriarty Matisse Paint Sets

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Merv Moriarty Matisse Paint Sets

Introducing you to colour with the least difficulty

Merv Moriarty Matisse Paint Sets include either nine or five professional quality Matisse Structure acrylic colours, as well as the inclusion of Matisse Open Medium (in the larger sets only), which facilitates by slowing down drying time and over-painting of colours with a controlled translucency.

The range includes Merv Moriarty's Essential COLOURS Set, Merv Moriarty's Fine Art COLOURS Set and Merv Moriarty's Art & Design COLOURS Set.

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Colour Courses

Merv Moriarty is the founder of Flying Arts and runs courses, exhibitions and workshops on colour and colour relationships around Australia.

For the latest information on exhibitions, courses and workshops, visit the Flying Arts page on Merv's website or the Flying Arts Alliance Inc website.

You can also keep abreast of everything to do with Moriarty Colour through our social media feeds:

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COLOUR - the definitive guide

These are used to define colours and intervals mathematically. They can also be used to mathematically transpose a successful colour scheme, of a particular dominant colour, to another part of the colour cylinder mathematically, making any number of colour ways possible with precisely the same interval structure.

Special fold out pages reveal Merv's original theories about colour as light, colour as pigment and his three-section colour wheel system. His other original theories covering interval and linkage and his work with thousands of students, proves that "right colour" is objective, not subjective. This document will open a world of possibilities in colour and take your work to new heights.

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To tap into this ability at an effective level requires skills, not only of the hand but also of the mind. This book focuses on each of these skills separately and together providing you with a deeper understanding of their real nature. Exercises that help you to develop these skills and understandings are clearly described.

THE EYE'S MIND - the artist and the draftsman begins with fundamental drawing and draftsmanship principles and develops through a series of steps covering everything that the artist-draftsman needs to know.

This book puts you in touch with the analytical factors that the mind behind the eye uses to create form and space. In turn this potentially gives you command over the intellectual tools that can create a visual world on paper or canvas just as you intend.

Rightness of form and structure has been a fundamental pursuit of artists since the earliest times and this rightness has its roots in factors of a mathematical nature. These factors are addressed toward the end of this book and will, I believe, throw light on a matter that could give you access to understanding and skills that will lift your work out of the ordinary to another level. It will also help those who wish to understand art and the forces that not only lie at the heart of all great art, but also underlie our appreciation of nature and of beauty.

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COLOUR Relationship - coming soon!

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